De La Soul Featuring Nas - God It

De La Soul are doing things in style lately, first having started a Kickstarter campaign to crowdfund their next album, and raising a casual $600K in doing so.

Now they've shared 'God It' featuring the legend that is Nas, and it's not even set to feature on the album, instead released as "an indication of the good music to come... Just a little appetizer until we complete the main course." Well, they're certainly going to keep bringing people to the table to hear what they've got to say at this rate.

 And The Anonymous Nobody, which is due for release in late 2015, will be the hip-hop trio's eighth studio album, and is set to contain features from Damon Albarn, Little Dragon, David Byrne and 2 Chainz. Talk about an eclectic mix.

While it may well be too late to pledge towards the album, there's still plenty of time to get excited ahead of its release.


Diplo Remixes Rihanna's 'Bitch Better Have My Money'

When Rihanna released 'Bitch Better Have My Money' back in March it was definitely a guilty pleasure of mine, and I ashamedly found myself singing the lyrics at rather inappropriate times. Now the Barbadian singer has enlisted the help of Diplo & his fellow Mad Decent labelmate to ramp the track up and make it even more club friendly.

Is it actually a good song? It's debatable, but it's undeniably fun anyway. Check out the remix above, or the original below


Mac DeMarco - The Way You'd Love Her

In January 2014, a brilliant Californian girl I met in London mentioned Mac Demarco in passing, and the name didn't mean a thing to me. However, as a perfect demonstration of the Baader-Meinhof Phenomenon, I soon saw his name everywhere, and I was thankfully took notice.

Refusing to sit back and lap up the critical acclaim that he garnered with his 2014 LP Salad Days, Mac has somehow found time in between his extensive touring to record another 'mini LP' entitled Another One, and has shared the first single 'The Way You'd Love Her'.

DeMarco's rise to fame certainly feels rapid, but the Canadian indie singer-songwriter has been cutting his teeth for years, and has done it in his own remarkable style. He's also shared the below 'Making of Another One' video which should offer some insight into his crazy world, and somewhat unique recording 'studio'.


Run The Jewels: Bust No Moves, Flosstradamus Collab, & Killer Mike's 'Ric Flair'

This is your Run The Jewels PSA. Pay close attention.

So on Record Store Day this year, Run The Jewels released their Bust No Moves EP, featuring four unheard, rare, or non-album tracks. While it was as difficult to buy as I predicted, fear not, 'Bust No Moves' has been shared online for all to enjoy. El-P & Killer Mike are joined by Atlanta rapper SL Jones on this one, which features a more subdued instrumental  but the same lyrical prowess that we've come to know, love, and expect.

Next up is 'Don't Trip', a Run The Jewels & Sizzy Rocket featuring Flosstradamus track. I know Flosstradamus from their collaborations and tours with Diplo, and it's remarkably more brash and 'Turnt Up' than any RTJ release. Their contributions are always welcomed, but too brief, and means that they depart without really saying much.

Finally, last month Killer Mike shared a video for his solo track 'Ric Flair' as a birthday present to both himself and the fans. While nobody might have seen this one coming, the track from Mike's 2011 Pl3dge album still sounds fresh, and I love to see artists exhibiting random acts of artistry simply for the love of it. 

Hopefully this influx of music will tide us over until either feline sounds of Meow The Jewels or Run The Jewels 3, or that the duo continue to keep up the steady release of great music.