Pfarmers - The Ol' River Gang

Ok, so this one blindsided me a bit, and has got me pretty hyped at the same time. Pfarmers, the unexpected (but fully welcomed) project of Bryan Devendorf (Drummer of The National), Danny Seim (Menomena) and horn player Dave Nelson (who has worked with David Byrne & St. Vincent, Sufjan Stevens), have joined forces as Pfarmers, and announced their debut album Gunnera.

The first song shared 'The Ol' River Gang' opens and sounds ominous as all hell, and it's just unexpected gem that highlights each member's individual talents. Perhaps what I like most about it though is that nowhere in the press release is the band labelled a 'supergroup', and it promises to sound unlike any of the member's previous work.

It's not completely free from ludicrous statements however, as the album, according to Seim, is "about a dream I had where I'm reluctantly accepting a fear of drowning by focusing on being reincarnated as a giant Gunnera plant, which thrive on the banks of rivers (specifically the Jordan River i.e. the Biblical promised land) after I paint myself gold and sink to the bottom like the El Dorado of South American folklore."

Yeah, like I said, this project has been somewhat unexpected, but I am very eager to hear more.


MNDR & Killer Mike Join Forces On GTA V Soundtrack

So after the unexpected fun of Earl Sweartshirt & Samuel T. Herring joining forces, the long awaited PC version of Grand Theft Auto V has produced the goods yet again, this time pairing MNDR & Killer Mike together on a track called 'Lock & Load'.

It's another piece of The Alchemist and Oh No’s GTA V soundtrack compilation Welcome To Los Santos and continues the odd but thankfully great pairings of acts. I've been a big Killer Mike fan ever since Run The Jewels entered my life, and while MNDR hasn't been a name I've heard since the Mark Ronson song 'Bang, Bang, Bang' back in 2010, she delivers a great backdrop for Killer Mike to come in and kill.

The compilation is also set to feature the more likely pairing of Action Bronson & Danny Brown, as well as tracks from Waaves and Vybz Kartel among others.

Welcome to Los Santos is due out on 21st April 2015 via Mass Appeal.


Diamond Youth Announce Debut Album - Share 'Thought I Had It Right'

It feels as if Diamond Youth have been around for a while, so the announcement that their debut album is coming out in May feels both slightly surprising, and long overdue.

Hailing from Baltimore, the four piece first won me over with the brilliant 'Cannonball' from their Orange EP (which can be heard below), later following up with 2014's Shake EP, on which they demonstrated their ability to write consistently solid, catchy rock songs. I've seen many comparisons with Queens Of The Stone Age, and while I don't always hear that myself, I think when twinned with a band like OK Go, then we're someway towards understanding the band's sound.

Now, ahead of their first full length, entitled Nothing Matters, they've shared 'Thought I Had It Right' which is probably a good measure of the band as a whole, so if you like this, then definitely invest some time in their brief but impressive back catalogue.

Nothing Matters is out on 19th May 2015 via Topshelf Records.


Torres - Sprinter

Despite accidentally finding the music of Torres with the brilliant 'Strange Hellos', she's managed to hold my attention with the release of 'Sprinter', the title track from her forthcoming second LP.

Following on from the aggression showcased on 'Strange Hellos', 'Sprinter' changes the pace and takes inspiration from Mackenzie Scott's (Torres' real name) strict Christian upbringing in Georgia, discussing both her struggles to maintain faith and her overall desire to run.

Adrian Utley of Portishead features, and his seasoned experience helps to deliver some polish to the guitar work, without compromising the grit and vigor that Torres brings as a young artist.

Sprinter is due out on 5th May 2015 via Partisan.



SBTRKT Shares New Music On Soundcloud

Hot on the heels of 2014's Wonder Where We Land, British producer SBTRKT is at it again, and has been sharing several tracks via his Soundcloud account.

The 5 tracks have been uploaded in a playlist simply entitled '2o15', so there's no clues as to whether these songs will be part of a forthcoming project, or if they are just the result of a productive artist in release mode.

Wonder Where We Land wasn't quite the follow up to 2011's SBTRKT that I was expecting, and the change of pace/direction divided opinions, so I'm quick to listen to whatever comes next. That being said, these five tracks have failed to pique my interest, sounding more like off-cuts and demos than anything worthy of fans exchanging money for.