Who/What Is Second Guess?

So, after much deliberation and procrastination, I finally forced myself to make a website. I realised that I'm always talking about music (mainly to myself), so I figured I might as well create a forum in which I can share my thoughts with anyone who might possibly listen.

Here are the basics:

  • Anything said on here is just my opinion. Try not to get mad if you disagree.
  • This is very much a hobby. I work full time, so excuse me if I am absent or slow.
  • Tell me if you want me to review something. I am more than happy to turn my ear to anything.
  • I added the 'New Old Sounds' section simply because there's an endless supply of classics out there that I haven't made it to yet. I like to think I'm well versed, but I'm sure some of my more recent discoveries may shock you.
  • I may change my mind. This is called Second Guess for a reason.

That's about it, let's see where this takes me.