Torres - Strange Hellos

My endless pursuit to greedily consume as much music as I possibly can leads me to all manner of places. I'm currently sitting here amazed by the latest track from a young artist called Torres and as it stands, I know nothing more than that the song 'Strange Hellos' is the first track of her upcoming album Sprinter. 

Torres is a name I recognised from various music blogs, but only today did I stop and listen. Exactly why? I'm not certain. Maybe it's because I'm missing Fernando, but pleased about his return to form at Athletico Madrid. Who knows really. The point I'm making is that I've found this song, and it's great, and I want to share it with everyone. 

Anyway, the track itself starts slow before bursting into life, laced with seething vocals: "I was all for being real/But if I don't believe than no one will." She's won me over instantly, and I'm certainly going to dig a bit deeper in preparation for 18th May.

Just remember, it doesn't matter how you got to finding that new track, the important thing is that you did.