Hear 'Spectre' - Radiohead's Rejected James Bond Theme

So apart from LCD Soundsystem, there was another unexpected gift on Christmas day from a classic band - this time coming from Radiohead. Everyone's been waiting on news of their next album after various reports that they've been in the studio throughout 2015, but they broke their silence with a more surprising track.

Taking to Twitter, the band shared 'Spectre', their attempt at the theme song for the latest James Bond movie. There were strong rumours earlier in the year that the band had been tasked with the honours (with bookmakers even suspending betting after one punter tried to bet £15,000 on Radiohead performing the track), but even more shocking still was that the track was ultimately rejected, with producers favouring Sam Smith's dreary ballad 'Writing's On The Wall'.

It's a travesty in my book, but at least it's now seen the light of day. Someone has also laid the track over Spectre's opening credits to give you an idea of how the song would've sounded in place, and to be honest, it's pretty great. Check it out below.

'Spectre' can be downloaded for free from the band's Soundcloud page above.