Four Tet & Floating Points - Six Hour Plastic People Closing Set

On January 2nd 2015, Shoreditch club Plastic People hosted it's final public event before closing their doors for good. The closure seems to come as a big loss to both club goers & DJs alike, and to commemorate its passing, Four Tet & Floating Points have shared their six hour long set from the night for all to stream.

The reason I'm sharing the above is because up until the closure, I had spent the past two years working literally 50 meters away from the venue, and yet had never stepped foot in there. For the first six months, I doubt I even realised it was there, as it was unassuming and easy to miss, just a simple door with a small sign above it. Only late one night did I first take notice, with a queue leading down the road awaiting entry. I told myself a few times I'd go, but clearly never did.

It's sad to see any live music venue shut, but it seems as if its a trend that is set to continue; with real estate in London becoming too expensive to buy and maintain, and even more difficult to hold onto once you realise the value in some locations. While I wasn't part of the scene that grew within Plastic People's walls, it's heartbreaking for art to lose out to big business, and I just wish I had made it to at least one night there.

So it doesn't matter how close you are to something important, these things can still be easy to miss. Go and support your local venue/band/DJ/scene/whatever have you have an interest in, otherwise, it might just pass you by.