Cannibal Ox - Iron Rose Feat. DOOM

In 2001, a hip hop duo called Cannibal Ox released their debut album The Cold Vein to critical acclaim but only underground success. 14 years later, they are finally about to deliver their follow up, Blade Of The Ronin. They've offered up 'Iron Rose' to whet our appetites, and the track features none other than the legendary MF Doom. It's not often that you have to wait this long for new music, and it's also not often that you hear Iron Maiden referenced in a rap track.

The original album was produced by El-P, and was released on his Definitive Jux label. This time around, El-P is nowhere to be found but there's a heavy sense of anticipation on what Vast Aire and Vordul Mega have to offer.

The album is due out on 3rd March, and it's yet to be seen whether it'll be worth the wait, or if the duo will find wider spread fame.