Kid Cudi - Love

It's no secret that Kid Cudi has been working on the conclusion to his Man On The Moon series for some time (alongside producers Emile Haynie and Plain Pat who helped craft parts 1&2), and yesterday he broke his musical silence by releasing a new track called 'Love'. However, the track is said to be an off cut from 2014's Satellite Flight, but any Cudi output is always appreciated. 

The track itself is PMA heavy, and its refrain aims to serve as inspiration to the disparate youth that Cudi has long appealed to, and related with:

"Don’t be so down, come on young homie / You’ll be OK, you’ll find real love / All of the stories the hero gets lonely / Now is the time to show what you’re made of”

The track also features a sample from longtime collaborators Ratatat's 'Sunblocks', and I was as excited to hear their signature sound as well as Cudi's.

With Cudi back in the studio, and Ratatat back on the road this year, dare I predict big things and further joint ventures between the two parties? Watch this space.