Samuel T. Herring (Future Islands) & Earl Sweatshirt Feature On New Gangrene GTA V Track

There's a title I wasn't expecting to type today. Samuel T. Herring, vocalist from Future Islands, and Earl Sweatshirt, Odd Future's youngest and arguably best member, have both offered up their talents to a new song which is set to be featured on the PC version of GTA V.

The track itself is actually from Gangrene, a duo consisting of famed producers/rappers The Alchemist and Oh No, who have a whole new album on the game's soundtrack. It's a fun listen, with a rapid trade off verses and a heavy, funky bassline that harks back to the past and makes me think of police chases in old films, so should fit in well with the game's subject matter.

Herring's involvement should come as no surprise though, given his known love for hip hop, and his rapping alter-ego Hemlock Ernst. While he saves the rapping for the professionals in this instance, I love to hear his input and hope it leads to further collaborations in future.