Scarlett Johansson & Este Haim Form New Band - Release Debut Single Candy

Sometimes I regret listening to certain songs or bands, and I feel this may well be the case with the new band formed by actress Scarlett Johansson & Este Haim. Alongside Holly Miranda, Kendra Morris, and Julia Haltigan, the all female project has put out the track 'Candy' via Dave Sitek's (of TV On The Radio) label Federal Prism. They were initially going by the name The Singles, however a cease-and-desist has been put out by another band who has been using the name since 1999.

Legal dramas aside, the band currently remains nameless, and yet somehow still manages to haunt me with their over the top pop music and cheesy lyrics. It's not the worst thing I've ever heard but there aren't too many redeeming features, and it's safe to say it's catchy, but I definitely never intended for it to get stuck in my head for so long. I constantly think they're about to break out into Cameo's 1986 hit of the same name too which is slightly distracting.

While Johansson is no stranger to the music industry, I still find myself whimsically imagining that it's actual her character Samantha from the movie Her singing. Now that would be something I could support.