Diamond Youth Announce Debut Album - Share 'Thought I Had It Right'

It feels as if Diamond Youth have been around for a while, so the announcement that their debut album is coming out in May feels both slightly surprising, and long overdue.

Hailing from Baltimore, the four piece first won me over with the brilliant 'Cannonball' from their Orange EP (which can be heard below), later following up with 2014's Shake EP, on which they demonstrated their ability to write consistently solid, catchy rock songs. I've seen many comparisons with Queens Of The Stone Age, and while I don't always hear that myself, I think when twinned with a band like OK Go, then we're someway towards understanding the band's sound.

Now, ahead of their first full length, entitled Nothing Matters, they've shared 'Thought I Had It Right' which is probably a good measure of the band as a whole, so if you like this, then definitely invest some time in their brief but impressive back catalogue.

Nothing Matters is out on 19th May 2015 via Topshelf Records.