Mac DeMarco - The Way You'd Love Her

In January 2014, a brilliant Californian girl I met in London mentioned Mac Demarco in passing, and the name didn't mean a thing to me. However, as a perfect demonstration of the Baader-Meinhof Phenomenon, I soon saw his name everywhere, and I was thankfully took notice.

Refusing to sit back and lap up the critical acclaim that he garnered with his 2014 LP Salad Days, Mac has somehow found time in between his extensive touring to record another 'mini LP' entitled Another One, and has shared the first single 'The Way You'd Love Her'.

DeMarco's rise to fame certainly feels rapid, but the Canadian indie singer-songwriter has been cutting his teeth for years, and has done it in his own remarkable style. He's also shared the below 'Making of Another One' video which should offer some insight into his crazy world, and somewhat unique recording 'studio'.