Idris Elba Remixes Skepta's 'SHUTDOWN'

Idris Elba is a talented man, anyone who has seen him act could tell you that, but he's not just content with controlling film and television. No, he's now taken to the airwaves to deliver a banger of a verse on the remix of Skepta's 'SHUTDOWN'.

I'd known for a while that he had a good taste in music and was an active DJ,  but this serves as the first time I'd actually heard him deliver lyrically, and in true style he references his classic performances as Stringer Bell in The Wirethe eponymous Luther, Nelson Mandela, hell, he even references Pacific Rim.

Don't think this is just a publicity stunt, Skepta wouldn't have put Elba on the track if he didn't deliver, but the pairing is a good one, and features like this shed more light on talented UK Grime artists so I'm all for it.

Whatever you do though, just don't call it a comeback, Grime has been here for years,