mewithoutYou - D-Minor

It's hard to put my finger on what excites me about mewithoutYou so much, but they just seem to intrigue me. We'd already had 'Red Cow', but now we've received 'D-Minor' from mewithoutYou's forthcoming album Pale Horses, and while it never explodes into life the way I wanted it to, it's still compelling.

The track is actually a sequel to 'C-Minor' from the band's album Brother, Sister, which can be heard below, and as the band's website states, the act of revisiting old ideas and working them into new ideas is a device stolen from the legendary Neutral Milk Hotel.

They go on to say that vocalist Aaron Weiss "once again explores how his sexuality and beliefs are intertwined, this time trying to reconcile his monastic ideals and disillusioned romanticism with his new marriage."  The more you know people.