Widowspeak - 'Girls' & 'All Yours'

I was only thinking about Widowspeak the other day, wondering what had become of the band since they released Almanac, their really quite great sophomore LP, back in 2013, and low and behold, I find two brand new tracks from the band today. It's a small world, and a smaller record industry.

Above we have 'Girls', the lead single from their upcoming album All Yours, and it immediately feels far more country than the Fleetwood Mac-esque sound that I was used to with their last effort. It's a decent little number that focuses on front woman Molly Hamilton's insecurities, and hinted jealously, of other, younger women, however the real star for me is the album's title track, which can be heard below. 'All Yours' keeps up the country aesthetic, ambling along lazily, but there's something wholly magnetic about it, repeatedly drawing me in.

All Yours is out on 4th September 2015 via Captured Tracks.