James Vincent McMorrow - How To Waste A Moment

Last week I also wrote about James Vincent McMorrow reaching the end of his touring cycle for 2014's Post Tropical, and shared the stripped down solo version of his track 'Gold'. Well if that was a farewell to old material, or at least the closing of one chapter, he's now turned the page onto the next with his new track 'How To Waste A Moment'.

McMorrow took to Twitter to post the handwritten lyrics and an open letter explaining the origin of the track and the influences behind it. The most interesting part of the letter to me was the line:

"I already had all my songs for the new record, this felt like something different, born out of the same ideas but for different reasons".

Considering the marked departure from the folk roots of the Irishman's first album Early In The Morning to the sounds of Post Tropical, it'll be interesting see what direction he takes with the third full length, and to see whether that strive for change that he mentions is reflected sonically or lyrically. We probably have a while to wait though, JVM has earned a break after touring extensively for the past year and a half.