Kid Cudi Shares Confused & JFKPSA

Cudi fans rejoice, the one Kid Cudi is back after announcing the release of his next album, but it's still not Man On The Moon III. However, any music from the rapper is always welcomed, so after sharing two singles from Speedin' Bullet To Heaven there's still reason to be excited.

First up is 'Confused', a track laden with guitars that are played by the man himself. Existential lyrics which have become a mainstay in the Cleveland rapper's music feature heavily here, but this track is further proof of his shift towards a more rock focused sound that started with his side project WZRD. However his guitar playing has also improved noticeably since the band's debut album in 2012.

Next up is 'JFKPSA' which isn't your standard song, more an excerpt of a John F. Kennedy speech laid over a simple guitar track. According to Genius, the speech was "delivered at Ahmerest College in Massachusetts on October 26, 1963 . Kennedy gave the speech in honor of Robert Frost, the poet, but the excerpt that Cudi chose to use specifically focuses on Kennedy‚Äôs words about art and the artist." 

It'll be interesting to see if this is the start of a very ambitious project, or if it's just another 'revolutionary' artistic concept that doesn't really pan out. Only time will tell...

Speedin' Bullet To Heaven is expected later this year although no release date has currently been announced.