Welcome To Rustie's Safari: Hear 'Pony' & 'Big Catzz'

Glaswegian musican and producer Rustie might not be the first person you'd think of to guide you through the local wildlife but with his two most recent tracks he does a pretty great job of highlighting some of the local fauna.

First up is Rustie's take on Ginuwine's 'Pony' which he worked on for the film Magic Mike XXL, but somehow it wasn't used in the end product. His remix takes the classic 1996 song and ramps it up to eleven, bringing it bouncing and grinding all the way into the 21st century. I don't know what the film's producers were thinking by not including this in the film itsef, but perhaps they were worried the track would've overshadowed the supposedly lacklustre movie itself. Either way, we thankfully have it now and it's a huge track.

Next our attention is drawn to the rare 'Big Catzz' of the Scottish Highlands. Offered up as a free download on SoundCloud this number would've fit perfectly on Glass Swords, Rustie's debut album. There's no word as to whether this was a new track or an old track that never made one of the albums but hopefully these tracks spell a continued period of productivity after after the 2014 release of Green Language.