Reddit seems to sway between brilliance and repulsion at an ever increasing rate, but today it served me well when a post on the Listen To This board brought me to a refreshing new track from a band called Tender.

'Armour' only surfaced five days ago and it immediately invokes memories of Jungle's 'Julia'. I've seen other comments that have drawn comparisons to Broken Bells, Air, and SOHN, who are all musicians that I wouldn't mind being mentioned alongside. 

Details on the band are scarce, as are tracks at this early stage, but here's what we do know:

  • Tender are a duo from London who are lifelong friends 
  • They're operating out of a bedroom studio in a North London basement.
  • They like to write TENDER in capitals
  • Tender are primarily interested in "creating grooves with room to breathe."
  • 'Armour' took three and half hours to write and record

That's all we have so far, and I literally just split their Twitter bio into bullet points because it looks like proper investigative journalism that way.

The only other song currently online is the eight day old 'Legion' which keeps up the good work and polished production. All of this is made even more impressive if the Reddit comments are to be believed, as one user alleges that the band first sat down to make music ten days ago, which is possible, but seems unlikely if they've been friends for years. Whatever the truth, I'm already a fan, and I'm eager to hear more.

Watch this space, I know I will.